Hi, I'm Matthew, an author, a philosophy teacher and a public speaker, currently based in the wonderfully eccentric capital of Belgium and Europe, Brussels. 


I recently wrote Plato Tackles Climate Change, the first episode of the series No Common Sense; Philosophy Tackles Climate Change

In 2011, I met Michael Wadleigh and Birgit van Munster at a Club of Rome event in the Science Academy of Belgium. They rolled out in crystal clear detail all the key data and graphs that demonstrate the utterly unsustainable way in which humans are living on this closed mass system called Planet Earth. 

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Propelled by this mad disjunction between the scientific and social realities, I founded the Climate Academy in 2012.  The academy acts as a space for students with a drive to understand the sustainability crisis we face and the determination to transform their own civic space. The cut11percent.org project is one of the initiatives rooted in this collaborative community of experts and young people.

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